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No School?!?! ~AGSMNo School?!?! ~AGSM
Duration: 5:22
NOTE* I had to remove the music from the iPhone alarm through YouTube (it used to be gangnam style) due to copyright reasons Somehow this sort of messe ... 2013-02-04 22:25:24
No school?!?   AGSMNo school?!? AGSM
Duration: 1:32
To all of you saying I copied FiveDollStars, I gave her credit for the idea in the de ion PLEASE stop commenting saying how I copied her * I got this ide ... 2013-02-20 02:57:56
Home Sick! an AGSMHome Sick! an AGSM
Duration: 4:50
This is my latest stop motion that I have been working on for the past few weeks I had a lot of fun making it! Will Liberty ever get better, or will Zoey just go c ... 2014-07-07 23:34:13
Crystal s Morning~ an AGSMCrystal s Morning~ an AGSM
Duration: 3:33
This was really fun to do! I really only made this for fun it s over 1200 pics I think xD I like how it s really smooth!!! I know it s really slow in some spots, bu ... 2012-11-26 00:16:34
First Day of School! ~AGSM~First Day of School! ~AGSM~
Duration: 2:7
I hope you guys enjoy!! I have been working on this for a few weeks, and I am pretty happy with the results I don t think it is my absolute best stopmotion in term ... 2014-09-02 18:36:35
The First Day Of School Catastrophe! AGSMThe First Day Of School Catastrophe! AGSM
Duration: 2:41
Hi everyone! Wow long time no upload! I am so sorry I have been pretty inactive but school, after school activities, and homework have pretty much been takin ... 2015-09-24 00:36:07
13 Types Of Students In School   AGSM13 Types Of Students In School AGSM
Duration: 3:58
WOOH! A stop motion! Wow! I never expected to actually make an agsm ever since I got my new camera because I was used to filming agsms on iPhone and i ... 2017-04-12 03:33:05
first day of school AGSMfirst day of school AGSM
Duration: 3:46
School is starting soon! I decided to make a stopmotion about it, so I hope you enjoy And because the school year is approaching, I will not be able to upload a ... 2011-08-16 20:13:00
FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!   AGSM (American Girl Stop Motion)FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! AGSM (American Girl Stop Motion)
Duration: 2:50
Subscribe for more AGSMs! ♡♡♡ ➨Previous Video bit ly NaneaAtAG ➨Next Video bit ly FallAGLookbook ♡♡♡ Hi, My name is Teddie! Makin ... 2017-09-05 22:11:06
Awkward    an AGSM movie ( 1st place in BlossomAG s 300 subscriber contest!)Awkward an AGSM movie ( 1st place in BlossomAG s 300 subscriber contest!)
Duration: 13:57
This video is for my good friend Lillian s 300 subscriber contest!!!! If you haven t yet, you should totally check her ... 2016-03-19 08:35:23
Duration: 3:8
Chrissa and z have a sleepover on a school n ... 2018-02-17 19:56:46
Popular ~(AGSM)~ (for Rainy s SUPERMEGAAWESOME Contest)Popular ~(AGSM)~ (for Rainy s SUPERMEGAAWESOME Contest)
Duration: 8:4
This video is about The True Story of a Popular Girl Thank you so much Rainy for making this contest Sorry this is literally last minute I hope all of you e ... 2016-07-22 06:50:55
Who s Millie? (an agsm)Who s Millie? (an agsm)
Duration: 8:24
GAHHHHH!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!! I know I promised this stopmotion like last week! I m sorry everyone! So yeah, hopefully this is helpful in explaining why Eddie ha ... 2016-05-09 03:43:33
Lea s Back to School Morning Routine! ~AGSM + GIVEAWAY RESULTSLea s Back to School Morning Routine! ~AGSM + GIVEAWAY RESULTS
Duration: 2:5
GIVEAWAY RESULTS DOWN BELOW wowie wow wow it s been almost four months since I last uploaded an agsm! p the giveaway was completely rando ... 2018-09-08 21:00:59
The first day of school an AGSMThe first day of school an AGSM
Duration: 5:22
PLZ WATCH I ... 2014-08-10 20:06:49
Back To School! (an agsm)Back To School! (an agsm)
Duration: 3:15
Hungry For More IAGS? Read Below! Check out Sammi and the Dolls everywhere! s instagram com agcupcakestudios InfinityAGStudios is a family friendl ... 2017-08-10 22:09:18
My School Morning Routine~ AGSMMy School Morning Routine~ AGSM
Duration: 4:3
This was based on my real school morning routine )) More AGSM s~ The Carnival~ s www youtube com watch?v sBc4gVir3nk Traveling Disaster ... 2017-04-16 03:13:42
Bored After School? An AGSM!Bored After School? An AGSM!
Duration: 2:48
Hi guys! long time no see! I hope you enjoy the new stop motion More will be on the way soon ) Thank you for all your sweet comments & support It means th ... 2016-07-10 20:42:15
The first day of school AGSM (OLD VIDEO)The first day of school AGSM (OLD VIDEO)
Duration: 2:4
OLD VIDEO! PLEASE CHECK OUT NEW VI ... 2013-08-04 21:39:11
Snow Day! AGSMSnow Day! AGSM
Duration: 1:40
Yes I know it s almost summer I filmed this back in the winter and basically forgot about it!! Better late than never, right? Long time no see, ever ... 2018-05-16 00:55:18

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