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[SFM] Stage 3  vs  Shadow Cutscene[SFM] Stage 3 vs Shadow Cutscene
Duration: 1:41
What kind of crazy game has a cutscene for every transition? It happens I figured, plus I really wanted to continue the story set by the previous ones Admittedl ... 2014-10-03 23:36:35
[SFM] Stage 2  vs  Shadow Cutscene[SFM] Stage 2 vs Shadow Cutscene
Duration: 45
Sequel to the last one Sometimes games will have a short cutscene in transition to the next stage of the fight Once more here is my attempt Models by Apo ... 2014-09-24 04:25:15
[SFM] The Unifier  Tails vs  Silver || 850 Subscriber Special[SFM] The Unifier Tails vs Silver || 850 Subscriber Special
Duration: 3:17
Keeping in mind a few months have passed since Sonic and Tails stopped Shadow, Sonic has not had another incident with his dark transformation, and Tails ... 2015-01-19 22:09:42
[SFM] Tails vs Shadow[SFM] Tails vs Shadow
Duration: 1:6
[SFM] Tails vs Shadow Tails is in a battle of his life! little animation i put toge ... 2014-04-11 21:16:02
[SFM] Post Battle Cutscene  vs  Shadow[SFM] Post Battle Cutscene vs Shadow
Duration: 3:59
Here it is, the aftermath of the battle between Super Sonic and Chaos Shadow, this time you get to see a little more action Again still sticking to the "video gam ... 2014-11-04 04:57:04
[SFM] Aftermath  Sonic vs  Shadow[SFM] Aftermath Sonic vs Shadow
Duration: 4:39
Sorry this one took so long, lesson learned, no more lengthy monologues for a while This really wasn t worth the wait, just me giving a rather flimsy back story t ... 2014-11-16 01:32:47
[SFM] The Unifier  Part 1[SFM] The Unifier Part 1
Duration: 3:24
This series picks up about 2 months after Sonic and Tails stopped Shadow, and will work as a nice segue to Tails vs Silver, coming soon! So meantime, we ge ... 2014-12-01 04:30:18
[SFM] Pre battle Cutscene Sonic vs  Shadow[SFM] Pre battle Cutscene Sonic vs Shadow
Duration: 1:1
Usually before a battle there is a cutscene to set the stage Here s my attempt at one Generic banter and all that good stuff Models by Apoc Hedgie Song fro ... 2014-09-20 19:49:43
[SFM] Tails in Lights Out (Sonic exe)[SFM] Tails in Lights Out (Sonic exe)
Duration: 2:37
Hoy les presento un pequeño corto de terror junto a nuestro querido amigo Tails, que tiene un ligero problema cada vez que apaga las luces --- Si te gustó e ... 2015-05-01 23:53:34
[SFM] Sonic Adventure 2  Showdown on the Space Colony ARK[SFM] Sonic Adventure 2 Showdown on the Space Colony ARK
Duration: 1:51
Here it is! A recreation of the cutscene from Sonic Adventure 2 where Sonic and Shadow fight it out on the Space Colony ARK! All those animation errors though ... 2014-08-18 22:04:12
[SFM]   Super Sonic[SFM] Super Sonic
Duration: 29
Original Short by Lythero from Sonic Shorts 6 Sonic Ball Z lythero deviantart com s www youtube com watch?v IaRTI032sA ... 2014-04-01 07:27:43
[SFM] The Unifier  Part 3[SFM] The Unifier Part 3
Duration: 3:32
Sorry this took so long, and that it s not too action-y but I hope you will still find some enjoyment here This part sums up most of everything that has happened s ... 2015-03-30 00:43:43
[SFM Sonic X Fnaf] Shadow vs Android Shadow,Toychica s last meet to Shadow[SFM Sonic X Fnaf] Shadow vs Android Shadow,Toychica s last meet to Shadow
Duration: 2:52
S02E11 here is my facebook website s www facebook com SFM-Shadow-The-Hedgehog-101932925146 ... 2016-08-02 08:57:34
Dark Super Sonic vs  Super Tails [SFM]Dark Super Sonic vs Super Tails [SFM]
Duration: 4:17
Sonic has collected the chaos emeralds and attempts to go super, but both the positive and negative energy of the emeralds is released Tails absorbs th ... 2014-09-13 04:54:11
Silver Vs  Sonic   SFMSilver Vs Sonic SFM
Duration: 1:11
If you dont understand this video, consider yourself lucky More of my SFM garbage can be found here ... 2015-12-31 23:23:17
[SFM] A Tails Short[SFM] A Tails Short
Duration: 46
Thought of this short while working on Tails vs Silver but didn t want to get side tracked, so waited till now to work on it Messed up a bit on the timing of th ... 2015-01-23 00:38:01
[SFM] Sonic VS Knuckles | Sonic Animation (SFM Animation) | 6K Subscriber Special! ✔[SFM] Sonic VS Knuckles | Sonic Animation (SFM Animation) | 6K Subscriber Special! ✔
Duration: 1:30
Sonic and Knuckles fight?! O right The bet Who do YOU think wins? Comment down bellow Wanna see More Sonic SFM Animations, Sonic Animations, SF ... 2017-05-10 19:05:19
[SFM] STH #179 ||17k sub special[SFM] STH #179 ||17k sub special
Duration: 4:21
Where to begin? First off this took much too long to finish and I am very sorry for that But thank you all for your support through this long wait, thank you for 1700 ... 2016-01-05 06:30:25
[SFM] Dark Sonic vs  Super Tails revisited[SFM] Dark Sonic vs Super Tails revisited
Duration: 1:4
Still waiting on a few lines for the next part of the Unifier so unfortunately I won t be able to get to it in its entirety this month, so I pushed this little side thing ahea ... 2016-07-12 01:47:26
[SFM] Fiona s Saga ||Scourge Won?||[SFM] Fiona s Saga ||Scourge Won?||
Duration: 2:20
By popular demand we bring you an episode with Scourge! While writing out the potential s for either Amy or Knuckles depending on who you voted for, w ... 2017-11-17 23:30:01

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